Old school layaway is back! Online.

Layaway has always been recognised as a clever and responsible way of buying the things you need. You choose the item you want and, instead of buying it outright, or needing to use credit (and the associated debt that goes along with that), you pay the item off a bit at a time.

3 years ago

A beginner’s guide to online Layaway

Layaway started as a way for people with limited cash flow to afford the things they needed – and it remains one of the most financially responsible methods to purchase the things you need or the things you want. All it takes is a little patience and a little forward planning. It only requires a deposit to start. You make regular repayments, which can be an amount you choose to fit your budget. And online layaway is interest free. As long as you make the payments, all you pay is what the item costs.

3 years ago

5 reasons to layaway online

Layaway is one of the most responsible ways to buy the things you need. You don’t need a lot of money up front. It’s interest free. And payments can be shaped to fit your budget.

3 years ago
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